This is a Lovely lifeform! these were airdropped to holders of 5 or more aliens!    

Our gen 1 collection sold out in under 2 hours!! you can pick up some on the secondary market  over at


Utility & Roadmap 

We have a high focus on community and collaborations within the Cronos Ecosystem, looking to make new partnerships with any and all projects within our chain! 

We aim to provide value to our holders by focusing on utilities such as NFT staking that will be done on our own platform

Our goal is to build a community with like minded individuals who want to stream forms of passive income, while also having established high quality art for PFPs. 

Holding just one Gen 1 alien will give holders exclusive access to the ALIENDAO, along with holding 5 or more ALIENFTs will have holders listed for airdrops and posters of holders ALIENFT after mint! (More to come)

We plan to launch a utility token with ALIENFT called $PROBE, Probe will be used for raffles and future mint events within our ecosystem, lottery style games and much more! 

Using our community treasury we will be expanding on ways to grow our funds passively for the community, and these choices will be decided upon in the ALIENDAO 0x9aBcCba317D15902F4f64fA54189C4aeF9998067


                                                                   Do we have a medium? 



                    CDL (Cronos Demon Legion)

Come aboard the mothership earthling 

Ebisu’s Bay

                           ALIENFT X Croskull  

Alien King (Project leader) Sam 

Community manager (Nathan)

Solidity Dev (Keepeeto)